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Shampoo: how to choose the right one?

If you really care about your look, and I’m sure you do, whether for social, professional reasons, or both, you should, first of all, invest time and a little money into finding the right hair stylist who can understand and interpret your needs to your satisfaction and give you that important element of anyone’s look which is your own hair style.

Color, length, style of cut, treatments, are all provided to you in a good hair salon, but there’s only so much time you can spend there and when you leave, you’re probably on your own as how to keep the look as you’re trusted hair stylist gave you, according to your taste and needs.

So while you’re there, sitting in the chair, especially while getting a shampoo, you should definitely talk with your stylist about your hair once you leave the hair salon. It’s very useful if you get to the subject while your hair is being washed because it’s where it can be more easily examined as it appears naturally without any treatments or work done on it. However, if it’s an assistant hair stylist, it may be a good idea to wait to sit in the stylist’s chair and ask your trusted and experienced hair artist.

A little bit of talk is standard anyway for most clients and hairdressers while the job is done, and if you can focus a little on the reason why you’re there in the first place, your hair, any advice you can get from an expert is gold and it’s also usually free.

Since everybody has a different type of hair and scalp, you could start by asking about shampoo and which would be the most appropriate for your type of hair.

You may be able to get the one for your specific type of hair and your habits and requirements right there at the salon.

It may or may not cost more than at the grocery store, but you can almost certainly count on much better quality and much more specific as far as shampooing your own hair.

Hairdressers may have an interest in selling the hair salon products, so be careful about any prices which may be too far above your budget and reasonable level of spending, but they are also interested in making you happy with the hair product just as much as they want you to leave the salon happy with the finish and look.

Take into account that, even if it does cost a little more, between higher quality, higher specificity, and overall higher effectiveness, buying shampoo from your hair salon upon advice from your trusted hair stylist, you may even require fewer trips to the salon itself, eventually saving some money as well.

Taking the advice from your hair stylist should also be flattering in some way and you can then count on genuinely good advice.

Just make sure that it’s a stylist you’ve developed and established a relationship with, so they know they would be at risk of losing a client, possibly the hair salon‘s as well.  They may get a bad review on influential websites, if they appear to give out clearly bad advice. Keep also in mind that you can ask about prices before you purchase, as there may be options that suit you better and you can always ask for a discount based on loyalty!

Every hair professional loves loyal clients who care about their hair!


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